The Happiness Diaries
Campaigning for a greater happiness.

Mental Health and Happiness have always been a focus in our society of which our lives revolve around. According to the World Happiness Index, the UK are ranked 15th globally. So why are we not happy?
Having analysed the World Happiness report, it was clear to see that there were some anomalies. These anomalies showed that sociability was a key factor in improving people's happiness.The Happiness Diaries uses this idea of sociability to boost happiness amongst people. This campaigns looks at suggestions and what-ifs to create a comununity of people and bring us closer together during difficult times.

With annual catalogues being released, we can see trends that change within society and update people on new and exciting ways to keep happy.
This campaign is aimed at everyone and anyone who needs a happiness boost in their life.
The website would be an eternal collection. You can access it at any time and anywhere to get your spark or inspiration if you ever need it.
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